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Signs That You Need To Clean Your Oriental Rug

Oriental-style rugs are not only lovely to look at, but they also mean a lot to people. Providing they are well taken care of, they could last for many generations. It might help to know when to have a professional clean something so that it keeps its look and personality. You should only hire UCM Carpet Cleaning Bethesda if you want skilled workers who can clean your expensive rugs in a way that keeps their look.

There are various methods to clean different kinds of rugs. UCM Carpet Cleaning Bethesda knows how important it is to clean these pricey antiques carefully and in a way that fits their needs.

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When It's Time to Clean Your Oriental Rug?

Although the point of performing routine upkeep is to keep the beauty of your oriental rug, it is also something that extends its lifespan.

  1. Visible Stains and Spots: from having crumbles become stains to having the entire rug melt, it's a sure disposition of a need for maintenance on your rug.
  2. Dull Colors: if your rug has, through wear and tear, lost its crispness and vibrancy or has turned out to be somewhat dirty, washing it will do what is necessary most times.
  3. Odors: the fact that you are having a foul smell coming out of your rug is an indication that it has been loaded with dirt, moist, and pet smells, which are all off-putting to your home. You need to remove that.
  4. Allergies Acting Up: struggling for breath and sneezing wherever the rug is means that the dust and allergens were present since the object was visible.
  5. Tactile Changes: it may be a roughened surface or disorganized fibers. They are warning you of the accumulated dirt.
  6. Dust Clouds: the telltale sign of dust appearing from above when you make the bed or shake the rug should serve as a clear indicator that it's time to do your cleaning chores.
  7. Fraying Edges: this situation may lead to further tearing. This is why for this kind of shoes, and even more, sometimes they have to be both dusted and restored.
  8. Underneath Dirt: when you get to a stocking space, and you see dirt or rubble underneath, it's a sign that you're in need of a deep cleaner.

Why You Should Hire UCM Carpet Cleaning Bethesda?

There are several good reasons why UCM Carpet Cleaning Bethesda is a great company for cleaning your oriental rugs.

  • Our team has worked in the field for a long time and knows a lot about rugs and how to clean them properly. You can be sure that they will be very careful with your Oriental rug because they know how to do it right.
  • The latest tools for technology: We use the newest technology in rug cleaning to make sure that the process is thorough and the fibers of your rug stay pure.
  • The people who work at UCM Carpet Cleaning Bethesda only use cleaning products that are safe for people and pets. Even after being washed a few times, these products will help the colors and fibers in your rug stay bright and strong.
  • The findings are reliable, and our process is clear, from review to release.
  • Our employees know a lot about the history and appearance of rugs. This is the company to call if you want to keep your Oriental rugs in great shape without spending a lot of money.
  • So that your rug stays beautiful and valuable for a long time, you should know when to have it cleaned by a professional.

If you know these things and want to prioritize your customers' needs and the health of the world, call UCM Carpet Cleaning Bethesda - 301-760-7267!

Oriental Rugs Types

If you like the look of Oriental rugs, you should know that each type needs a different way of being cared for to stay beautiful and last a long time.

Persian Rugs

Because they have lots of different designs and bright colors, many people believe that Persian rugs show what social class someone is from. Most of the time, these rugs are made in Iran out of wool, silk, or a mix of the two. We like how hard the patterns are to figure out and how well the flowers fit together.

Properly cleaned rugs should be cleaned every 12 to 18 months, depending on how often they are used and how likely they are to get dirty. For this reason, the materials are fragile, and the colors are real.

Turkey Rugs

It costs a lot to buy Turkish rugs, also known as Anatolian rugs, because they are made specially by double-knotting and have complicated geometric designs. Most of the time, the rugs have artistic elements and pictures that represent a country.

Folks say that Turkish rugs should be cleaned by a pro every 18 to 24 months to keep their bright colors and intricate designs. This is important because Turkish rugs can be dyed with natural colors and last a long time.

Afghanistan Rugs

An old tradition based on strong group loyalty gives Afghan rugs their complicated geometric shapes and bright red colors. People love these rugs because they look good and last a long time. Wool is the most important thing. To keep their soft feel and bright colors, Afghan rugs should be cleaned by a professional every 12 to 18 months. This is very important for floors that get walked on a lot.

Chinese Rugs

Many rugs made in China have very complicated scenes, dragons, and flower designs. Silk or fine wool is often used to give these rugs their unique, thick feel and shiny look. Someone should clean your delicate Chinese rugs every 18 to 24 months. To keep the fibers in good shape, dust the surface lightly every time you use it and wipe up any spills right away.

Indian Rugs

Indian rugs are made in many different styles, from silk with many small patterns to wool with many small stitches. By combining Persian ideas with local ones, they were able to create beautiful fabrics with lots of bright colors and complex designs. Because of how they are made, Indian rugs need to be cleaned by a professional every twelve to twenty-four months. This time frame can change a lot, though, based on the object and how it is used.

Caucasian Area Rugs

We've heard that these rugs, which are brightly colored and have geometric shapes, are from the Caucasus. To a lot of people, Caucasian mats are very beautiful and last a long time. They are usually made of wool. To keep the colors bright and the strands strong, you should have a professional clean your Caucasian rug every 12 to 18 months.


Kilim, a term originating from Turkey, refers to a versatile, pileless rug crafted through various flat weaving methods sharing a similar or closely related tradition. These techniques are prevalent in a region encompassing parts of Turkey (Anatolia and Thrace), North Africa, the Balkans, the Caucasus, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Central Asia, and China.

UCM Carpet Cleaning Bethesda knows how to clean different types of rugs in various ways. For every kind of rug, we have the right tools and eco-friendly cleaners, and our staff knows how to clean them right. We're just as careful with a cheap gym mat as we are with a pricey Oriental rug.

Carefully cleaning rugs makes them look better and makes your home a healthier and more appealing place to live. We do this because we always want to do good work and make our customers happy.

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